McLeod LS1 T-56 Bellhousing, SFI Certified
McLeod Modular SFI Certified Bellhousing fits the GM LS1 engine with a T56 transmission from the LS1 Camaro.

McLeods Modular bellhousings are manufactured to the highest quality and are the most innovative bellhousings for the Sportsman and weekend bracket racer. All bellhousings are fixture checked at the factory for correct alignment and are SFI Approved for safety and durability. Steel block plates are furnished with all bellhousings.

This bellhousing adapts the T-56 transmission from the LS1 Camaro to the following V-8 engines: Chevy V-8 from 1955 up, 1964-1997 Olds, Pontiac & Buick with 66 tooth flywheels.

NOTE: Some T56 transmissions may require the front intermediate plate changed to accomodate mechanical linkage.

McLeod LS1 T-56 Bellhousing, SFI Certified

McLeod LS1 T-56 Bellhousing, SFI Certified
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