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Energy Plus Hydraulic Cams

Energy Plus Hydraulic Cam series:Torque Master - 184-209 deg. Ideal for Trucks, RV's, cars. Good idle & great low end torque. Works with stock or slightly modified engine. Stock rear gears, manual or auto trans.Street Fighter - 214-230 deg. Offers great power increase over stock cams, some suited for nitrous. Engine mods will enhance performance. Fair idle, good low to mid-range torque and HP. Work with stock or modified engines. Can use stock rear gears, manual or auto trans.Eliminator - 230-244 deg. Hot Street & Strip, these cams require modifications, stall converters, gears, headers, raised comp ratio, larger carbs. Some are suited for nitrous & supercharged use. Rough idle, good mid to high rpm torque & HP. For use with manual or high stall auto trans. Will have lower vacuum than stock.

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